Initial Orthodontic Evaluation

From first appointment to final checkup, we’ll walk with you to the smile of your dreams

On your first visit to our office, we’ll give your teeth a complete examination and discuss your treatment options — and we do mean options. Dr. Chad Smart takes pride in offering expertise in a broad range of treatment styles.

How long will it take?

Your time is important. So, we’ll make our visit with you pleasant and efficient. The initial appointment with your doctor will take roughly 60 minutes.

Your first visit includes X-rays and photos. We like to get these out of the way for you all in one visit if we can. Our goal? To get you on the road to an expertly crafted treatment plan without the inconvenience of a follow-up diagnostic visit.

What will we talk about with you?

Think of your first visit as a time to get your questions answered. We’ll be looking to answer a few questions of our own for you. Things like:

  • Do you have a condition that we can address with orthodontics?
  • Is immediate treatment needed or would it be best to wait?
  • Which treatment options will best correct your bite?
  • Should we remove any of your primary teeth?
  • How long will treatment likely take?
  • What are your likely treatment costs?
  • What payment options can you use?

All of these questions can usually be answered during our initial consultation. However, some may have to wait until we’ve had time to look over your diagnostics.

You’re coming to The Kids Dentist for one-of-a-kind solutions, and to get you your best smile, sometimes we need to analyze your case in depth.

At a follow-up appointment, expect to get more concrete information on timelines, treatment options, and the necessary financial arrangements. Our goal is to walk with you every step of the way, keeping you informed and surprises at bay. We couldn’t be more excited to meet you!